Wednesday, January 29, 2014

China Glaze Wrinkle the Sheets swatch, from the Crinkled Chromes collection

My poor fingers!

China Glaze Wrinkle the Sheets with Zoya Raven accent and Sally Hansen I Heart Nail Art black striper

Haterz gonna hate, but the crinkled chromes are pretty badass. This one right here looks like crinkled foil, not like dirt or air bubbles got in your polish. The trick is loading your nail up with glitter. You want a lot of glitter, especially the bars, for maximum crinkle-potential. I used one coat, but multiple strokes over the individual spots. The color of Wrinkle the Sheets is also an awesome shade of light green, and that combined with the texture reminds me of the ~click here for more pale~/"pastel" side of Tumblr.

My right hand was already chippy after one day of work. Some of the bar glitter popped out as well. My left hand was fine... until I tried to unbutton a very difficult cardigan in a Gap outlet store changing room. One of those buttons flat out CHIPPED a nail of Raven. Bastards!

Next time I'm going to try out Wrinkle the Sheets with two coats and top coat. I hope is stays wrinkly and doesn't just look like lumpy sludge.

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