Wednesday, January 15, 2014

OPI Alcatraz... Rocks swatch and my inaugural post!

After many years of furtive searching, I have finally found my camera, and it's time to start a nail blog! Here's OPI Alcatraz... Rocks, which has apparently built up quite a bit of tip wear after 3 days.

I've always worn a base coat with the new textures of the past year, then read recently about the Zoya PixieDusts that it's best not to wear a base coat because it'll slow the dry-time, and that they wear like iron anyway. So I tried this OPI on without it, then read the little label instructing you to use base coat. Well! It was too late by then. I don't know if the tip wear comes from the lack of base coat, or if that's just the nature of the polish. Ironically OPI rarely gets tip wear on me, while Zoyas frequently do, but it's been vice versa with the texture polishes.

Anyway, the color is like a washed out indigo resembling denim, with pink and gold sparkle. Sometimes I think it's really cool, and sometimes it just looks okay. Immediately after watching "Gravity", I thought it resembled the night sky. Based on how it looks when wet, it'd probably be gorgeous with topcoat.

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