Friday, January 24, 2014

KBShimmer Rollin' With The Chromies swatch


Sun coming out...

KBShimmer Rollin' With The Chromies
A blue-purple duochrome holo. In indoor lighting, it tends to be a dull blue that I'm not too fond of, though at least a hint of the holo is always there. When the purple comes out, it's gorgeous. The most flattering light so far seems to be the shaded sun, where the duochrome really comes out and it looks so princess-y. In full sunlight, the holo blasts in your face.

I don't know if the tipwear is from the polish or if it's from working at my new job (where I earn far fewer $20s than the ones seen in this blog's header). There may be a lot of tipwear in the future.

And aww, my poor winter-wrecked fingers, lol.

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