Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Urban Decay Storm and Wet N Wild Social Circles swatch

This is kind of a shit picture. I think the sun overpowered it.
 Urban Decay Storm topped with Wet N Wild Social Circles
Storm is a dark grey cream of a type I've been looking for since summer. It was a little sticky going on, so 2 coats were needed despite the great pigmentation.

Social Circles is a rose, smaller lilac, and tiner gold glitter top coat. Surprisingly easy application for that stubby little brush. The rose glitter is very similar, though not identical (I think), to Essie A Cut Above, and I'm not sure if the other glitter is as noticeable, so you may not need both.

Matches my railing! Even the rust.

I think these were taken yesterday. The weather had started off gorgeous, and then it turned into complete freezing shit, which of course continued into today. Today was also the second day of my minimum wage job. It was terrible. Yay! :)

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