Saturday, February 1, 2014

Vamp and Metallics

My poor fingers :(
 China Glaze Naughty and Nice and Wet n Wild Fergie Going Platinum
Naughty and Nice, a deep, blackened red-violet, was my go-to vampy until it was replaced by China Glaze Velvet Bow the next Christmas, and then that was replaced by OPI Visions of Love a year or two after. Naughty and Nice only needed two coats on one nail, and I added a third on the other because I thought it was lighter (not sure if it really was).  Going Platinum is a silver-y foil. On my toes, I thought it was an awesome antique gold (I topped it with Essie Beyond Cozy), but wearing it as a manicure for the first time, it wasn't doing it for me at this moment. It is extremely pigmented and the brush practically covers with one stroke, but I used two coats.

Zoya Ibiza and Nicka K Mosaic Blue
Ibiza is a classic polish, a very dark blue with blue shimmer. Opaque in one coat. Mosaic Blue is an awesome-amazing chrome silver blue, also pretty much opaque in one coat. It leaves brush strokes, but who cares? My friend Ilana sent me this a few years ago, and she recommended it for toes. I agree!

All chips can be blamed on my work, not the polishes. I used different colors because I was completely indecisive, and I immediately loved the blue hand more. The "red" one (I guess others wouldn't call it red) felt a little two holiday-ish for me for the moment, like it was red and gold, though it doesn't exactly look it in the photo.

Happy Chinese New Year! It is 5 AM and I'm writing this post. Why? I was dead-tired at 7 PM.

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