Saturday, February 1, 2014

Glancing at China Glaze City Flourish

I just went to Ulta and the new China Glaze spring pastels have arrived, and they are glorious ಠ___ಠ  I was so overwhelmed, I stared at them for a long time before deciding to come back later with the $3.50 coupon. Then while waiting to check-out, I ran back to the display to get the nude, and even then took a moment to think about it, and decided to grab the blue (At Vase Value) and apply the 20% off coupon to that, and come back later, pick up the "medium" purple (it's actually a very light bright, but not the lightest) and the nude and apply the $3.50. So classy!

I have not swatched it yet, but what I can tell you is that At Vase Value is a lighter, brighter version of For Audrey, and much lighter than Too Yacht to Handle. All of the new colors looked borderline neon under the bright Ulta lights besides the nude, which looked like, you know, a perfect nude (it's also the only one with shimmer). Of Life and Lacquer reports that they have the same terrible formula as last year's summer brights, which others had trouble with as well, but I was perfectly fine with the ones I had (Too Yacht and Shore Bright), so I'm not too worried.

EDIT: My sister put At Vase Value on one nail. It looks great!

The closest colors I have are actually Hard Candy Sky (bluer, maybe chalkier), China Glaze Refresh-Mint  (more green, more grey), and Essie Mint Candy Apple (darker, a touch more green). So it's a baby blue with enough green that it almost leans mint.

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