Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Orly Smolder swatch

After 3 days, taken inside of a moving car.

After 4 days, in the sun, now scratched up.
Orly Smolder
Dark red shimmer, leans blue and a little bit wine. Much brighter and less warm mahogany than the standard blackened red shimmers, and darker than, say, Zoya Isla. A very easy 2 coats.

In other nail news, I'm going nuts waiting for the Zoya Awaken collection to finally mail out to the bloggers. How dare Zoya put me through this pain?! I also ordered a buttload of China Glazes from Head2ToeBeauty, including more of the City Flourishes, and only found out days later that they had a coupon code right on their main page that I completely skipped over. I could've saved... a little over an entire dollar! That's the big bucks, people. Also, the prices on Head2ToeBeauty are so cheap, but when you factor in the cost of shipping, even when you order a ton of them at once, it ends up evening out to about the average retail price. Maybe slightly less. Ah well.

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