Monday, February 3, 2014

Zoya Elisa swatch

Zoya Elisa
Hmmm this kind of looks like crap. I may be the worst swatcher in the world. Anywho! Elisa is a glowy red shimmer, very much a true red. Two coats. The bottle color in the photo looks more accurate. I thought OPI In My Santa Suit would be a dupe, but it's deeper with a touch more blue (and absolutely gorgeous).

Such beautiful weather! A little too beautiful. As soon as I snapped this shot in my front year, a honeybee was suddenly hovering to the side of my right hand. Scared the mess out of me. It was either attracted to the sweet aroma of my hand lotion or the bright blue of the camera. There are no flowers out right now, so good luck, little bee. The bats are also out, as are the indoor stinkbugs. I wish I could bring a bat into the house on a leash and just let it sniff/echolocate out the stinkbugs.

This was also the very first Super Bowl where I sat down with some basic understanding of how the game works. That is until that safety (whatever the hell that is) happened within the first few minutes. It took me hours to recover from that confusion.

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