Tuesday, February 25, 2014

China Glaze Rendezvous With You swatch / China Glaze Coconut Kiss and NYC Prince Street comparison


China Glaze Rendezvous With You
Here's a really nail polish-y description: a dark smoky plum foil with mauve shimmer. Hah! Two coats. Definitely a fall shade. I wasn't terribly excited wearing it. I do think it'd make a nice pedicure.

Thumb to pinkie: PS, CK, PS, CK, PS
China Glaze Coconut Kiss and New York Color Prince Street
 I picked up Prince Street yesterday because I thought it might be a warmer version of Coconut Kiss, which I originally got because it was said to be very, very similar to Nubar Pasadena Purple. Back when I was first getting truly obsessed with nail polish (I had always had a huge collection compared to others, but this was something else), I would look at old ALU posts like this one and dream. I almost got Pasadena Purple more than once, but Nubar's shipping cost is so expensive, it warded me away each and every time. Anyway, China Glaze Coconut Kiss didn't quite do it for me the other two times I wore it. It was sheer and it wasn't warm enough. Would Prince Street fill that hole in my heart?

I took Prince Street home, and would you know it, they looked identical. Put them on, and CK is in fact a little WARMER. But it's also sheerer. PS only requires 2 coats, while a lot of the nails wearing CK could've used a third. A third coat of CK would have made the two virtually identical. I don't know if it shows up in the photo at all, but the color difference was noticeable if you looked for it at 2 coats, and difficult, but possible, to notice at 3.

2 coats PS vs 3 coats CK; doesn't show the difference at all, but this shows that I tried! ha ha
New York Color (most un-google-able brand name ever) Prince Street takes fewer coats and is much cheaper, so I would recommend it as the option to pick based on that. They have the exact same thin, watery formula, so no advantage there. Also, I didn't care for Coconut Kiss almost two years ago, but wearing these two nearly identical colors now, I love it! It's an electric purple shimmer, the perfect cross of blue and pink. It's vibrant. I was going to sell the "loser" of this swatch-off originally, but I don't know, man. I might keep both and just wear it more frequently.

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