Monday, February 17, 2014

Valentine swatches -- Zoya Bobbi and OPI In My Santa Suit

In sunlight

Indoor lighting
Zoya Bobbi
A hot pink foil, an easy 2 coats. You  know what, foils have to be one of my favorite textures. You get stunning results with minimal effort. This one was harder to remove than I expected.

Overcast light

More color-accurate., though lighter like the first photo
OPI In My Santa Suit
Possibly my favorite color purchased last year! A glowing ruby red, very rich. It's of the variety that glows in the center and is dark along the edges. Opaque in 1 coat, but use 2 for color. Similar in hue to Zoya Karina, but with a much, much finer shimmer finish. Darker than Zoya Elisa, which has a similar finish.

Looks like I won't be getting tip wear from my job anymore! My boss's valentine to me was to leave me employed only in name. How precious!

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