Sunday, March 2, 2014

China Glaze Immortal swatch and etc

China Glaze Immortal
Cool-toned medium grey with shimmer that flashes pink and blue, exactly like those sheer shimmer top coats that do the same (Essie and Orly both have one). Sheer and a bit watery. I used 3 coats on most nails, and some could've used a fourth if I were being picky. After all these years, this is the first time I've ever worn a medium grey! China Glaze Recycle, which I own but haven't yet worn, is much warmer. Essie Cashmere Cardigan is much darker and not as shimmery. I think if you had a grey creme in a very similar color, you could duplicate this by using one of the above-mentioned shimmer topcoats.

I've purchased a ton of nail polishes, especially China Glazes. For some reason, I went nuts with their City Flourish collection. First I couldn't help but get At Vase Value at Ulta even though I hadn't read reviews yet. Then I got 3 along with 3 other China Glazes from Head2ToeBeauty, which I thought was a great deal, but evened out with shipping to be about equal to Sally's prices. Then today at Sally's, they had the entire collection (I wrongly assumed they would only sell the sea textures this spring), and they have a BOGO on China Glaze this month, so I got THREE more (plus Techno, now core!). If I had known that they'd be selling them and that they'd be BOGO, I could've saved some cash. At the same time, I got some non-cores as well from Head2Toe (including Immortal) that I had really wanted, ones I would never come across otherwise, so there ya go.

I put China Glaze Lotus Begins and Zoya Monet on my toes, and it kind of looks like a sparkly Easter egg. Don't worry, I won't put up any photos of my pedicures, because one time I was googling for swatches of this one color, and I came across a gentleman's Flickr account  that was a collection of nothing but "favorited" photos of women's pedicure swatches. I would not like one of my photos to end up on one of those accounts. No thank you.
Anyway, Lotus Begins is a bright light pink-ish purple, and the formula was an easy 2 coats for my toes. Monet was sticky and goopy, and you can tell it will be as soon as you take the brush out of the bottle. It might even make a suction sound. You have to dab it on there and work it around, and you're good. (IME glitter is also harder to control on toes.) Monet's iridescent glitter is much larger than China Glaze Snowglobe's, which is the nearest comparable thing I own, and I believe the glitter comes in orange, green, and blue (the best one) instead of all one identical iridescent shade.

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