Saturday, March 8, 2014

Zoya Julie swatch

Zoya Julie
A light lavender with pearly white shimmer. 3 coats for pigmentation. I wondered at first if it looked too grey, but right now I'm satisfied.

A long story:: I had been picking up and putting back down this color at Ulta since it came out. Since the summer, there has always been two lonesome bottles of it just sitting there. My friend got it in a monthly gift set last year and loved it, and it looked pretty at her, but I have enough lavenders, right?

Then my beloved mini-bottle of Essie Lilacism became half-empty. I picked up a full bottle at Target, and a month later I realized it did NOT match the mini. It looks kind of like a faded, muted version. The pigment in Lilacism is so unstable, I have literally seen 3 different variations of it in one display. But I thought I was safe because it matched all the other ones in the display at Target. Alas!

I took my mini bottle to Ulta a few days ago looking for a replacement, and the display for Lilacism was empty! The same was at Target. What's going on with that?! The closest color I could find was in fact one of those lonesome bottles of Zoya Julie. The shimmer makes it obviously different, but the base is very, very close.

I'm still open for a replacement (unless I can get a matching bottle of Lilacism). OPI Rumple's Wiggin' is often compared to it, but it's noticeably pinker. Back when the two colors came out, I definitely preferred Lilacism. But I'll give it another try... that and the million other light purples in my collection.

Also, I took these photos while wearing a t-shirt, comfortably. I love you, Spring.

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