Monday, March 31, 2014

Sally Girl Mint Chip swatch

A little too dark in the blue
Sally Girl Mint Chip
A milky "mint" base, leaning towards robin's egg blue, with black speckle glitter. Without doing a comparison swatch, the base looks very, very similar to Essie Mint Candy Apple. 3 coats on most nails. The trick seems to be to glob it on without wiping excess from the brush. Such a small size for, iirc, $2 would normally seem like a rip-off, but for something novelty like this, it's the perfect amount.(Edit: It was under $1! Yes, that seems appropriate.)

My mani-pedi combo right now is full on spring pastel, and how appropriate, because it snowed today! It was completely by surprise. That was only after following the hail, which also came by surprise. Thanks, weather!

(EDIT) The Dupe:
$20?! Good lord. Yes, I recommend getting the Sally Girl version for $1 instead.

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