Monday, April 7, 2014

China Glaze Lotus Begin and Zoya Monet swatch

China Glaze Lotus Begin is a pretty, pretty light purple that leans pink as opposed to some pretty, pretty light purples like Sally Hansen Lacey Lilac, which leans blue. Unlike my many other lilac polishes, Lotus Begins is borderline neon. It dries to a satin finish, which on its own looks pretty cool and a little edgy. It's a light purple that is definitely appropriate for summer! I'm in love.

Zoya Monet contains large iridescent-ish glitter in a variety of spring-appropriate shades (pink, yellow, blue? idk) in a very thick base. The base is tinted pink, but that's practically clear. The base is also so thick, it's unpleasant to use. It makes a gross bodily function sound when you take the brush out of the bottle, which amuses me.

I loved this combo when I wore it on my toes earlier, but Monet almost ruined it for me as a manicure. There were bubbles and unevenness in how the base of Monet applied, because you have to glob it on.

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