Monday, April 7, 2014

OPI Eurso Euro swatch

Sorry for the gross messy bits

Hanging with Handsome Jesus

OPI Eurso Euro is a dark navy-ish, maybe royal-ish blue. It leans purple enough that at least one person thought I was wearing a purple, but I think it's pretty dang blue. It wasn't as bright and vivid as I expected, like Orly Royal Navy. It's very dark, and for the first two days I wore it I thought it was too dark, especially under indoor lighting. (It usually looked more like the third photo with Jesus rather than the color in the first two.) It grew on me a lot more on the third day, after it finally looked cleaned up (but got chippy). It kind of looks like it should be a jelly, iykwim, but it didn't dry shiny. The formula is fine, but messy for me to apply using OPI's wide brush.

It's such a popular color, but it wasn't an instant-love for me like China Glaze First Mate, an awesome true navy creme. And if I want a "blurple"/indigo, I'd use Zoya Pinta. I'm considering selling it, but I want to give it another try when I'm in a nautical mood.

In other polish news, I broke my unofficial Lent no-buy! It only needed to last 2 weeks, and I think it lasted 3. I went into Sally's look for the new Sally Girl milky glitters that I saw on NoveauCheap, but not expecting to see them so soon. I came in thinking of getting Petal Pusher, but got Mulberry Affair (how "Water Lilies"-esque!) and Fresh as a Daisy instead. So I ended my no-buy with a purchase of $2! I did worse damage to it today by buying a bottle of Motherboy from Happy Hands, which is closing up shop. I believe today was her last stock refill.

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