Tuesday, April 22, 2014

My Favorite Zoyas

It's that time of the year: the Zoya Earth Day Exchange. This year Lent-ish no-buy has given me the strength not to partake in it; either that or the face that I've pretty much cleared out much of their catalogue already during past sales. Since I'm not purchasing, I'll instead help YOU, dear reader, by listing my most recommended polishes.

My favorite item on zoya.com is in fact their nail polish remover, but we'll ignore that.

America, a classic red creme, ranks as one of my top polishes of theirs. No other does it for me like that, not even Sooki. America is an easy 2 coats, pure opacity, while Sooki always ends with me using 3 out of frustration.

Two of the first Zoyas I ever got were Katy (my namesake!) and Gilda, and two other beloved pinks are Dita and Ali. Ali, Dita, and Katy are super easy to use and are go-tos for me, and Gilda takes a bunch of coats, but it's gorgeous. Lola is also really nice, and Kennedy with its purple undertones is my go-to nude. I have a million other pinks from Zoya in shades of light, medium, and neon, but I haven't tried them all, and some of them I have used have difficult formulas I haven't swatched it, but if you want a true Barbie pink (literally; it matches the Pantone), try Tobey.

Dree and Shawn! I resisted getting Dree because I thought I didn't need it, but I love it. I think it's a little darker than its bottle color. It's a perfect army green.

If you need a yellow, Pippa and Darcy are great choices.

Zoya has a reputation of having great purples, and I have a LOT of purples, but my favorites of theirs are Jem, Caitlin, and Marley. Throw in Pinta depending on your definition. Blues? The very best is Robyn, and my sister loves Ibiza. I recently swatched Blu for the first time, and it is 2 coats! For a pastel blue! I couldn't believe it. Highly recommended!

 Maybe another favorite? Channing. I'll give it another go this fall along with another rusty shimmer, Salma, and see.

I have a LOT of Zoyas that are still untried, so who knows. The sales over the years have led to me amassing a huge collection.

Why haven't I been uploading swatches the past week, you may ask? j/k I know like one person is reading this. But anyway I've been trying to cram in reading books every night, so uploading on the blog would be like procrastination, and those library due dates sneak up, you know. Oh, I have all the photos dutifully taken, but briefly writing some text about it takes soooo much effort. So much hard work. Can you feel my pain?

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