Thursday, June 4, 2015

Zoya Oceane swatch

I was at Ulta yesterday to use my first of two coupons for the month, and I was all set to buy a reasonable amount of products when my sister spotted the new Zoya summer display off on the more hidden, forgotten shelf in the drugstore section, where they used to keep the Kardashian line (which has now been moved to a much more prominent position next to Maybelline, I believe, God help us). So I impulse-bought Genesis and Oceane and went $20 over budget. Oops! I had been thinking beforehand about getting Genesis despite the lukewarm online reviews, and Oceane had been only secondary, but it was looking very pretty and ocean-y in the store. All the shimmers in the collection (besides Genesis) have prominent glitter flakes in the bottle, and it's very enticing.

I don't think any of my photos captured the color correctly. It's a vivid aqua foil-metallic, blue with a green tint. It looks very similar to the L'oreal teal eye liner I just picked up. I believe my photos don't depict it with enough green, and they also don't capture the larger flakes. The sky has been overcast and will stay overcast throughout the weekend, I think, so this is as good as my lighting is going to get!

The closest colors in my collection are OPI Yodel Me on My Cell (darker, moodier, different finish) and two oldies, Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Marine Scene and Cover Girl Electric Blue (both much, much thinner, and with a different finish). Zoya Oceane requires only two coats, and is covers well with one, which is very unusual with marine shimmers in my experience. No visible brushstrokes. If you like gorgeous, glowing jewel tones with depth, I highly recommend this shade!

My last manicure [not pictured] was Zoya Katy, a fuchsia with purple-ish subtle shimmer that makes it more purple than the average fuchsia. I own a lot of fuchsias, and this is unique! But of course I only got it when I excitedly stumbled upon Zoya for the very first time in a Seattle nail supply store because it has my name. They even spelled it correctly. It was obviously named after the pop star with a color that matched her then-current pin-up girl aesthetic, but still. It's designed for me.Two very, very, easily controlled coats and good dry-time. I used this for a rare matching toes and tips last weekend because I was going to a very special event and needed something easy. It matched my Mac Viva Glam Miley, so I was high-rolling like a boss. Katy is a lesser-known Zoya; check it out!

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