Thursday, October 1, 2015


My camera gave up on its will to live months ago, so I have no recent photos. But let me say that Zoya Salma is a beautiful color, dare I say fierce fall gorgeousness encapsulated on your nails. No photo I've seen has truly captured its beauty. I would describe it as "apple cider metallic". Its fiery flash will help get me through this dreary week.

I've also tried my single Zoya Satin, Brittany. Brittany, Rue, and Kennedy all appear to be light nude pinks in the bottle, but turn mauve on me. I wore Brittany on its first run to a job interview, and Kennedy has been my interview go-to for a while. Rue's purpleness, on the other hand, felt too risque for the interview I almost wore it for in December. The stakes were higher for that one, so it could've been all in my mind. Anyway, I loved Brittany's eggshell textured finish, and it held up shockingly well in my tough-on-nails job. I went straight from work to the interview without a chip, and that is rare.

OPI Vampsterdam (clearance at Ricky's NYC!) would probably be frosty on fingernails, but is GORGEOUS on toenails. Recommended next time you visit the salon! Or if you see it on sale for as cheap as I did.

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